Sunday, August 07, 2005

The most popular case management software on

When you think case management software, I always think of the big two, at least in my experience: Time Matters and Prolaw. But it looks like there is another contender I've never heard of according to LawLog Professional Edition Legal Software.

There are others out there of course: Abacus, Tabs3, and Amicus have been around for years. I'm sure there are more I've never seen.

I've worked with Time Matter for a few years know. I spend about a year as a Time Matters consultant. Recently I've taken a job in a firm that uses Prolaw. While most all these packages have the same features, contacts, events, matters, and billing, and run on an SQL backend, none of them work in quite the same way. I've found with Prolaw that much of my Time Matters experience doesn't account for much. The search features do not work the same. Prolaw in more flexible, but Time Matters is more simple.

On the back-office IT side supporting these packages are about the same: Install SQL, install the server software, install the client software.

There seems to be no magic bullet when picking case management software. My advice, if you are new to case management software packages, is to trying them all and pick the one that you are the most comfortable.


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