Monday, October 10, 2005

Findlaw blogs

No thanks to Findlaw, I was able to dig up some more information on Findlaw's blog product.

This is directly from the Findlaw site:
For a law firm interested in communicating expertise, connecting with an audience through frequently updated content, and ultimately generating business, a Blog is a crucial marketing tool. Easy to maintain and update, a law firm Blog from FindLaw is easy to operate, fully featured, and an excellent vehicle for exposure on the World Wide Web. FindLaw Blogs include:
  • Professional design
  • Optional news feed
  • Ability to create topics and post content
  • Easy to use and maintain via web-based user interface
  • RSS subscription
  • Links section
  • Archive of entries
  • Contact form

It would appears Findlaw is selling blogging services as a part of their Firmsite product, which would explain the why our local Findlaw salesman didn't want to talk to me when I contacted them about their blogging product last week.


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