Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Insider Threat Statistics

Bruce Schneier links to a recent study from Europe that outlines internal threats. I agree with him that these findings apply as much to the U.S. as they do to Europe.
Based on its survey, McAfee has identified four types of employees who put their workplace at risk:

* The Security Softie – This group comprises the vast majority of employees. They have a very limited knowledge of security and put their business at risk through using their work computer at home or letting family members surf the Internet on their work PC.

* The Gadget Geek – Those that come to work armed with a variety of devices/gadgets, all of which get plugged into their PC.

* The Squatter – Those who use the company IT resources in ways they shouldn't (i.e. by storing content or playing games).

* The Saboteur – A very small minority of employees. This group will maliciously hack into areas of the IT system to which they shouldn't have access or infect the network purposely from within.

He also points out McAfee has a vested in talking up this kind of threat.


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