Sunday, January 22, 2006

Five Blogospheres in One Blogiverse

Oncee@Blogger: Five Blogospheres in One Blogiverse

Steven Streight at Blog Core Values says there are 5 Blogospheres in One Blogiverse.
(1.) Social Connection Youth IM-Blogosphere: Xanga, LiveJournal, MySpace, etc.

(2.) Mature Personal-Hobby-Family Blogosphere

(3.) Business-Marketing-PR-CEO-Corporate Blogosphere

(4.) Meta Blogosphere (Blog Consultants, Blogologists, Blog Metric Analysts, Blog Trackers, Blog Content Syndicaters/Aggregators, Blog Services, Blogging Tool Providers, Blog Hosts, Blog Directories, etc.)

(5.) Professional/Military/Educational Blogosphere

I agree. I've had a Live Journal account since 1999. It's a much more social place than the rest of the blogosphere. I moved to Blogger a couple of years ago, because it was more "blog like."

Each kind of blog service has it's place. Diversity is a good thing.


Blogger steven edward streight said...

Thank you for linking to, and mentioning my post at Blog Core Values.

I'll try to forgive you for agreeing with me. Most people don't do that. So why did you insist on breaking with tradition?


2:35 AM  

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