Sunday, February 19, 2006

BlackBerry: A 'reasonable' settlement

On Friday, one week before RIM is faced by a court order shut down, reported BlackBerry maker open to 'reasonable' settlement. The last offer on the table was $450 million. There has been reports that NTP has asked for closer to a billion dollars.

I guess we will see on Friday if we will see Black Friday and RIM has to resort to its software workaround. The workaround is reported to be tricky. Internet News reports:
Implementing a solution may also take a month or longer for some companies with a heavy investment in Blackberry devices to make the entire transition. The transition will require modifications in RIM's own network operations center (NOC) software and downloaded firmware upgrades for each and every Mobile mail device, said a research note by Gartner.

"To achieve the change, RIM must modify the NOC software and provide firmware upgrades on each Blackberry," the report noted. "Enterprises must then qualify the workaround and upgrade their devices."


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