Saturday, August 26, 2006

What's hot in the law firm IT market

Dennis Kennedy links to a post by Tom Collins on the recent ILTA 2006 Technology Purchasing Survey. On the software side, SharePoint comes in at number one on the list. Followed by VoIP, VM ware, KM, portals, wireless, and matter centricity.

On the hardware side, disaster recovery-related programs comes in at number one, followed by document and record management, e-mail management, scanning, litigation support, internet/intranet/extranet, Microsoft upgrades, workflow automation, and phone system/VoIP.

While SharePoint is hot, I think AMS-Legal's Collaborator is a much better product. While it's basically built as extranet software, it has many features that does many of the things that SharePoint tries to do but fails. Some example are document management and better security management. The product is worth a look those who find SharePoint lacking.

SharePoint wins when looking at costs. I haven't gotten a quote on Collaborator, but SharePoint is free with Server 2003.

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