Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 2 is now out of beta

The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 2 is now out of beta.
This is news that is certain to make Mac based Windows Admins (of which I am one) very happy: Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 2 is finally out of beta. The final release includes all the new features that Microsoft added, some of the highlights include:

* The ability to open multiple instances of Remote Desktop without resorting to a hack (though I do believe that each connection spawns a new instance of the app itself).
* Redesigned UI
* Support for Network Level Authentication (which makes connections more secure)

You can get more info about this release from the MacBU blog post.


Blogger Benzin said...

Another great alternative for Remote Desktop for Mac-based users is RHUB http://www.rhubcom.com solution. It supports Mac 10.4 and later versions, Intel and PPC-based. It is easy to install, highly secure, and has some great features that enable complete control of the remote system.

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