Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Mac turns 25

As Dave Winer points out, we are nearing the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the Macintosh. In 1984 I was a undergraduate at Marshall University and I spent hours typing papers on electric typewriters and going through gallons of Liquid Paper Correction Fluid. When I first got to use a Mac when I entered graduate school in 1990 it was truly a life changing event.

At the time we were using the Mac Plus to write and edit our college newspaper. If I remember correctly there where 13 of them in the newsroom, including the one at the news editor's desk. When I became managing editor I got to inherit the powerful Mac SE 30 which also had an external hard drive. The Mac Plus booted from a floppy and all your work had to be saved to yet another floppy.

My first law firm IT job in 1999 was working at a firm who used only Macs. The machines where mainly iMacs and PowerBooks. This was in the days before OS X. OS 9 was a simple system to administer, but not without it's faults.

Below is a young Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh on January 24th 1984.

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