Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Fake AntiVirus warning screen

With looking at this screen closely you might not recognize this is a web page rendered in Firefox. Once gain the bad guys have upped the ante in the high stakes poker game of malware. This particular trick attempts to make the end user believe they are looking at a Windows Explorer screen with warning messages of a large number of trojans and virus infections. It next presents a popup box to entice the user to download the fake antivirus, probably our old friend Antivirus2009.

Click on the picture of a better view.

This is another example of how malware writers continue to excelerate the arms race in the battle of keeping users from clicking on things.

If you see a screen like this kill it from the process viewer. There has been reports clicking anywhere on this screen will cause infection. In this case the user was looking for NCAA brackets using a Google search. Thankfully he called to report the incident before taking any other action.

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Blogger Mike McBride said...

I saw that same screen a few days ago, and I believe you can also kill it by right-clicking in the taskbar and choosing to close the program, for those not familiar with using task manager. The screen is very similar to Windows Explorer, which is bound to cause some serious confusion for people who will assume it's something running locally on their PC. I might have even been fooled myself if I hadn't have been using a Mac at the time. ;)

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