Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Good Cable Guide

Cable management is a nightmare in most any environments. Data centers do the best job. Everything is in racks, and all the cables go under raised floors.

You won't find this sort of thing in law firm IT. If you are lucky, your equipment will be on racks, but most of the time equipment is placed on some sort of shelves or old desks.

loose wire: The Good Cable Guide is a good guide to getting your cables in order. Good cable management isn't just for the server room. It is important for everyone. When a legal assistant or lawyer or any other of the staff gets a new computer, check under the desk to make sure their computer and telephone cables are not in the way. One cable kicked or yanked will cause a great amount of work.

The Good Cable Guide says:
1. View Cable Management as an Important Safety Issue
2. Absorb Excess Cable Length
3. Keep Cables Separated
4. Eliminate Unused Cables
5. Avoid Mixing Data Cables With Electrical Cords
6. Throw Some Light On The Subject
7. Label Cables & Their Ports
8. Use Adhesive Cable Clips Liberally
9. Establish a Cable Flow


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