Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Too much information?

Mike Mcbride asks How much is too much?:
One was this whole DST mess. If there was one constant in all the things we did it was this. Every communication we sent to users in the hope of limiting some help desk calls by supplying information ahead of time, only resulted in more help desk calls. Instead of people reading the email, following the directions and going about their lives without the need to involve tech support folks, they called to ask questions about the email. Even people who didn't actually need to do anything different from what they always have been, called to make sure they didn't need to do anything. It seemed like the more we tried to educate people about the issue, and what to expect, the more it just confused them. A handful of people literally just took to ignoring any emails that came from the IS department, figuring we'd fix whatever needed to be fixed later for them.

Here was a case where our attempts at sharing information backfired completely. It illustrates to me that when it comes to technical information, there is a saturation point where users simply tune you out.

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