Thursday, November 22, 2007

Disable or turn off UAC in Windows Vista

How to disable or turn off UAC in Windows Vista.
The feature was put in to place to prevent unwanted applications, such as viruses and spyware, from self-installing onto the operating system. That’s great, but does one really need to enter a password or click OK every time they want to open a Control Panel applet? That’s a bit annoying, especially if you like to customize and configure your computer the way you want.

However, disabling UAC altogether is not the best idea in the world. It’s amazing how many times spyware installs itself when you are browsing the Internet or when you insert a floppy disk or USB stick into your computer. So how does one not getting annoyed all the time, but still protect their computers?

TweakUAC is a freeware application that you can run on Windows Vista to control how User Account Control (UAC) works. You can set it to Turn Off UAC, Turn On UAC, or put UAC into Quiet mode.

You will need to disable UAC to run ProLaw in Vista.