Saturday, March 21, 2009

Efforts to combat Conficker worm an arms race

Combating malware continues to be an arms race. The bad guys are always one step ahead. The majority of malware writers are often well educated, well funded and supported by large criminal organizations like the Russian Business Network . The days of teenagers writting malware in their parent's basement are far gone.

Yesterday came word that Conflicker has evolved again, and continues to find ways to confound and frustrate security researchers. A new analysis of Conficker by SRI International reports: "In addition to the dual layers of packing and encryption used to protect A and B from reverse engineering, this latest variant also cloaks its newest code segments, along with its latest functionality, under a significant layer of code obfuscation to further hinder binary analysis."

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Anonymous coffee maker said...

even if someone used Conficker to steal my credit card info, there wouldn't be any credit there for them to exploit or spend

1:05 AM  

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