Tuesday, August 09, 2005

There's gold in 'em there blawgs

Hot on the heels of today's Blogging for Lawyers Webcast which was pretty good by the way, Dennis Kennedy links to an AP story published on Findlaw about a move in Congress to change and extend daylight savings time. If the law passes and is signed into law there really shouldn't be a lot of issues. Vendors will have to patch, but it should be as simple of downloading and installing new software.

Today's Blogging for Lawyers Webcast was a simple attempt to get lawyers on the cluetrain. Doc Searls and other have been saying, "Markets are conversations", since 1999.

From a Law Firm IT point of view, the only new information is that Findlaw will begin hosting law blogs, aka blawgs, the 4th quarter of this years. Findlaw sees money in 'em there blawgs.

Findlaw is a sister to Westlaw. Westlaw has been selling legal research materials, both offline and online, to lawyers for years. The question for the people running Law Firm IT is what is more cost effective. There are already paid and free hosting and software for blaws. Blogger already hosts a ton of lawyers who blog.


Blogger Bob Coffield said...

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Blogger Bob Coffield said...

Findlaw may see $$$ in blawgs but the question remains whether or not they have the expertise, understanding and focus to provide meaningful creative development and support for law firms and lawyers wanting to get into the blawging world.

Check out this post from Kevin O'Keefe at "Real Lawyers Have Blogs" for his perspective on Findlaw's initiative.

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