Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A piece of hacker history?

If this video is what it claims to be, it is truly a piece of his history. The poster of the video writes: "Steals a copy of SATAN, Dan's remote network security probing tool.

In the course of tracking the attacker(kevin), a great deal of network traffic was captured by a specially modified version of tcpdump (here's information on the legality of the acquisition of this evidence), and then a program written by Tsutomu was used to produce playable logs."

Kevin is Kevin Mitnick the famous hacker. Dan is Dan Farmer, one of the developers of SATAN (Security Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks) and Tsutomu is Tsutomu Shimomura, the security researcher credited with tracking down Kevin Mitnick in 1995. Shimomura and New York Times reporter John Markoff wrote a book about Shimomura's pursuit and assistance in the arrest of Mitnick. The book is called Takedown and is a pretty good read, although most Mitnick supporters say the book is mostly a work of fiction and that Shimomura broke into his own computer in order to have an excuse to go after Mitnick.

This footage appears to be from Feb. 1995 while Tsutomu Shimomura was monitoring Mitnick and shows Mitnick actually breaking into Farmer's computer to steal a copy of SATAN.

It should be noted that Kevin says he simply copied software and that he never used any software he copied for any financial gain.

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