Wednesday, August 10, 2005


LexBlog Blog, the leading turn-key solution for law blogs, responds to Findlaw's plans for entry into blog hosting.
* I am not aware of any blogs run by FindLaw employees. Assuming that is the case, how can they have expertise on blogs, RSS and building ones name and reputation on the blogosphere?
* FindLaw does a zillion different things, there will be no focus on blogs.
* FindLaw does not have a great name out there in the area of customer service nor quality products. At least that's what I hear when law firms contact LexBlog. Makes me question whether they are capable of doing a quality blog product.
* Thomson/West Publishing manages FindLaw. Thomson West is a dinosaur in the publishing industry. Innovation and attracting visionaries has not been their strong suit. Blogs, RSS/XML and developing technologies are the heart of future legal marketing. Not sure FindLaw is up to the task.
* Many lawyers blog because of their goal of contributing to the public good. I have never heard FindLaw say they want to do something for the greater public good.
* FindLaw appears driven not by developing a quality blog product but by selling something at a price point they think a significant percentage of their law firm customers will buy. Kind of says it all.

I'm calling this new Findlaw product Findblog. I have no idea what Findlaw plans to call it.

Thanks to Bob Coffield at Health Care Blog Law for pointing to the LexBlog post.


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